Our clients know they can count on us to not only perform exceptional work, but offer technical knowledge and provide unique solutions, ensuring each job is built correctly from the ground up.

Slack & Co. brings a diverse portfolio and extensive experience to each project we work on. We believe in building partnerships with those we work with and collaborating as a team. Our management team has worked together nearly 20 years and is committed to doing what it takes to understand our clients’ needs and satisfy their expectations.

Our workforce has years of hands-on civil construction experience and places safety at the forefront of all we do. We identify and mitigate risks associated with each project to ensure a safe, seamless process. Each employee has the responsibility of stopping work if they believe conditions are unsafe.


Jim Slack, Jr., President

Maria Ochoa, Controller

Karen Kershner, Exec. VP, Director of Organizational Development

Erica Blackwell, Director of Human Resources

Claudia Rambaud, Safety Supervisor

Heath Bratton, VP of Pre-Construction

Richard Gann, VP of Operations

Dale Kornegay, VP of Business Development

AJ Montalvo, Heavy Equipment Supervisor

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